Master Backend with Dart

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Master Backend with Dart


From Flutter developer to full-stack. Learn how to create your own APIs and connect to your Flutter applications.

Full course description in: https://sideguide.dev/courses/dart-backend

What you will learn:

  • Connect web or mobile applications to databases and servers via REST API 
  • Build a secure and reliable REST API that includes authentication, logging, caching, and more 
  • Understand the different layers of a web server and how web applications interact with each other 
  • Handle seamless user authentication with advanced features such as token renewal 
  • Database integration with MongoDB.
  • Build a professional REST API with expert guidance

Course Details:

  • Chapters: 11
  • Estimated Duration: 20 hours
  • Estimated Launch Date: July 4th
  • One time payment 
  • Join a dedicated learning community on Discord 

Chapter Summaries/ What's inside:

Chapter 1: Getting started

Understand how the course works and why we are working with Dart.

Chapter 2: Setup and Installation

Installing what you need to succeed: Dart and VS Code extensions.

Chapter 3: Basics of Backend

Learn what components are needed to build a backend.

Chapter 4: Dart Refresher

Learn and recap Dart basics.

Chapter 5: What is Dart Frog?

Learn about backend architectures such as Dart Frog and how to build it with Dart.

Chapter 6: Getting Started with Dart Frog

Learn about Dart Frog: An object-oriented, multi-threaded HTTP server framework written in Dart.

Chapter 7: Setting up a project

Learn how to establish the project, along with running the server locally

Chapter 8: Routing

Learn about server routing and how to utilize it in your application.

Chapter 9: Creating Endpoints

Create endpoints with Dart frog to handle requests.

Chapter 10: Middleware

Learn how a middleware works and how to use them.

Chapter 11: Deployment

Deploy your app to production with Heroku.


  • Desire to learn backend development 
  • Be willing to challenge yourself
  • Small knowledge of programming is desired but not necessary
  • A computer that can run VS Code and Android Studio (Windows/Linux) or Xcode (Mac).


Q: When will the course be available?

A: This course is currently in preorder, we are making this course amazing so this may take a couple months!

Q: What other benefits do I get with the course?

A: Besides all the knowledge and hands-on experience, you will gain discounts in FlutterBricks (A UI component library for the Flutter framework), premium access to an amazing community via Discord and personalized content.

Q:I am a complete beginner, will I be able to take the course?

A: It depends on your dedication and how hard you will push yourself to learn. We cover basic topics but it will get challenging as the course goes on.

Q: How do I get access to the course after I purchase it?

A: You will receive an email on how to proceed.

Q: Where can I find my FlutterBricks Premium discount?

A: On the email being sent after you purchase the course.

Q: How long will I have access for? Is it a one time payment?

A: Lifetime access* and one-time payment. No recurring subscriptions.

I want this!

Lifetime access to Master Backend with Dart course + 50% off FlutterBricks + Support from Discord Community

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